For centuries individual believers and local church leaders have passionately sought to fulfill Jesus’ Great Commission in Matthew 28:19 to go and make disciples of all nations. Church leaders today continue to examine past and current church practices and utilize the skills God has given them so they can effectively equip the church to fulfill this biblical mandate.

D5 Framework is a diagnostic workshop through which you can evaluate, clarify, and bring focus to your churches disciplemaking strategy so that you and your team can lead your church, in your context, to experience success.

  1. Discover – Why is our church in the community?
  2. Determine – What disciplemaking strengths should be leveraged and what limitations need to be addressed?
  3. Design – How can we expand our disciplemaking capacity?
  4. Develop – Who will help expand our disciplemaking capacity? How can we find them and develop them?
  5. Disciple – How do we measure our success?

Bring the D5 Framework to Your Area or Church

D5 Framework is a one day event. The event requires participants to think and work hard together as they assess and determine actions for their specific church context.

D5 can be held as a:

  • Regional state convention event.
  • Association event.
  • Church one-day consultation event (no size limitation).
  • Retreat format.


If your state convention partners with DLN then your cost is $1500. If the state convention is not a partner, the cost is $2500.

This fee covers the cost of materials, travel, lodging and, if applicable, an honorarium for the facilitator. The host will be responsible for registration, meals, and snacks.

All participants will receive free calendar year membership in DLN so they will have access to leaders and resources as they continue to plan.

I want to talk further about the D5 Framework event.